Good Dolly Miss Molly

Good Dolly Miss Molly

Good Dolly Miss Molly is feeling generous and we have decided to offer free shipping on everything! If you live locally enough we can even deliver your order and pop in for a cup of tea and a biccie, now there’s an offer you cant refuse.

We have lots of fabulous plans for Good Dolly Miss Molly but find we spend far too much time getting all excited about our ideas and not enough time actually bringing them to life so we have given ourselves a stern talking to, spent some time on the naughty step and seen the error of our ways.

So …… we are proud to announce the launch of our brand new TAGGLES, these gorgeously tactile fiddle blankets are available now for only £10.00 each, did we mention the FREE SHIPPING?

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Lots of Love

Ali & Miss Molly