I am Ali and I make a "Good Dolly" and my daughter Molly is the real "Miss Molly".so between us we started this little business. Molly is home educated and I needed to change my job to ensure we could make it work so Good Dolly Miss Molly is perfect for us.

Gorgeous Dolls Handmade With Love 

About Ali (Molly insisted on her own page, little diva that she is).

I was crazy about my doll, Angelina, when I was little. I treated her like a proper baby and couldn't wait to have my own real babies. Angelina was real to me, I grew up reading Enid Blyton and toys came to life when you weren't looking, then I stopped believing that until I saw Toy Story and realised it was true after all.

I am truly blessed to have four children, Billy, Danny, Ryan and Molly ranging in age from 11 to 30 and I have wonderful grandchildren. Family is very important here at Good Dolly Miss Molly HQ.

I have never lost my love of dolls - even after watching Childs Play and Annabelle - but despite my best efforts none of my children particularly share my interest.

So due to my fear of one day being featured on a secret hoarders show combined with my "need" to make beautiful dolls I gave birth to Good Dolly Miss Molly to share the love.

My dolls can be personalised to resemble the little girl or boy that it is intended for.Each doll is unique and perfect in its own way, not mass produced and "plastic perfect" .... just as our children are unique and perfect in their own way.

Lots of hard work and love go into creating each special doll that will someday belong to their own special child.

Good Dolly Miss Molly can also be contacted via Facebook or email: [email protected]

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Also known as "nice things people have said about us".

Wow! What a beautiful blanket! Thank you Good Dolly Miss Molly! Handing special baby clothes over to someone to cut up was a bit scary but you handled them with care and respect and turned them into a beautiful memory blanket that has kept all the charm of the clothes and now all my memories from my girlies clothes are together in a beautiful blanket. Its perfect, I can't thank you enough. Sali

Amazing quality, love that everything is so personal and hand crafted. Ailsa

This is Henry Aragog James and he was beautifully made to order for my sons 9th birthday. There aren't many cuddly spiders around and we wanted him to have a special cuddly. We were consulted on everything from fabric, weight to the number of eyes (8). Henry is weighted with sand and is perfect for or son who has some special needs. We also wanted a toy with no bits that could be accidentally swallowed. He has been well loved since he arrived just over a year ago but is still looking as good as new. No mean feat in this house! My son says "he is soft and cuddly and I can talk to him, and not just about flies. He is my friend". The service was amazing and Henry is more than we hoped for. Thank you.  Gina

Good Dolly Miss Molly is a fascinating website. It's fascinating because everything on sale has been hand made by Ali Sweeney and covers so many different types of dolls and bears for people of all ages. The choice you have means you can have any item exactly the way that YOU want it. The dolls and bears can be customised to suit your requirements making it absolutely unique to you. Ali has worked very hard on her first website with plenty of input from her boss, 9 year old Molly. Martyn

Dear Ali, Thank you for the lovely doll, Zoe has already started making friends but perhaps needs to grow just a little bit before really having a play. Julia

I love your website! Also Molly is clearly the boss! Xx Gina

Q & A with Ali & Molly

Q What do you make?

A Anything really as long as it is made from fabric. Dolls are my first love, but I enjoy making bears, rabbits​ and other "critters", I always make the faces first so that I am spurred into finishing, after all it seems a bit rude not to. I've always got a needle in my hand and fluff on my clothes. If you see a slightly absent minded woman with bits of cotton all over the place, stop me and say hello.

​M I don't get involved in the sewing thing, im happier colouring in, singing and dancing. Mum thinks I will "get the bug" one day but I'm not sure .......

Q Where are you based?

A I am lucky enough to be based in Poole Dorset, a beautiful place to live, very near the sea. I work from home while Home Educating my youngest. Running my own business gives me loads of flexibility and unless I have got a lot of urgent orders I can just nip off to the beach.

​Q What does your work area look like?

A Like an explosion in a fabric shop has taken place, I have got grand plans for a corner of the living room, but more of that in my blog when I get the opportunity. At the moment I do most of my hand sewing in the NooNoo chair​. I have a couple of electric sewing machines, a very fancy brand new overlocker and a gorgeous antique 1898 Singer but I still prefer to curl up in my chair and do most of my stitching by hand.

M And she has the cheek to moan about my toys being left all over the place! Doesn't she realise I learn by example?

​Q OK I have a bag of baby clothes that I would like made into a memory quilt, what next?

​A Just place your order and I will contact you to arrange everything. You choose the fabrics that you would like used and send them to me. You are responsible for postage costs and I recommend that you send it via "signed for" mail. To keep costs down I recommend that you cut sections out of the clothing rather than send whole items but if you prefer to simply post the whole bag of clothes, I will choose the best bits to make your lovely quilt.

Q I am getting married, I would like to give my bridesmaids a doll to commemorate my special day, can you make dolls that resemble my bridesmaids using the same fabric as their dresses.

A Yes of course, what a lovely gift, just order the type of dolls you would like, choose their skin tone, hair colour, eye colour and select the option to supply your own fabrics. Send us the dress fabric and leave the rest to us.

Q My granddaughter is going into hospital to have open heart surgery, she is a bit worried about having a scar, could you make her a doll with a scar just like hers?

A I'm sorry to hear that and I hope everything goes well. Yes we can add scars to our dolls, one of the reasons we set up Good Dolly Miss Molly was to make "proper" dolls for real children. we are all unique and we are all perfect despite our birthmarks, scars, blemishes etc and a handmade doll is just as unique, and just as perfect. Just choose the type of doll you would like and contact me to discuss what you need. I will do some research and create your granddaughters doll.

 Thank you for visiting us here at Good Dolly Miss Molly HQ.