Time to say goodbye to this little lady, we’ve been calling her Rosie but her new owner will rename her.
She’s going off to live with beautiful baby Edith and although we will be a little sad to see her go at least she won’t be shoved in the airing cupboard like she would if she stayed here 😂

Rosie is lovingly hand stitched, we used a non fraying fabric that we hand dyed to a perfect complexion colour, she is stitched with extremely strong unsnappable thread (we bet even our Billy wouldn’t be able to snap it!) this ensures that she should last at least a lifetime and a half. Her hair is also very durable, we crochet a little cap which is stitched onto her head and then each strand of hair is individually knotted into the cap, she even has a belly button (snigger – will we ever grow up?)

She comes complete with pink knickers, a matching ruched pink petticoat, which has ribbons, ric rac, poppers and a pink button.

Her dress is in beautiful sunshine yellow shades, fastened with a popper and ribbon bow.

Just in case she gets cold in the post, we crocheted her a bright red shawl and attached fringing.

And, just so she makes a good impression on little Edith, she has her very best hat on.

If you, or someone you love deserves a beautiful heirloom traditional rag doll, why not visit us at our fabulous website

Lots of love and blessings from Ali & Molly at Good Dolly Miss Molly HQ


Good Dolly Miss Molly

Bit of dolly porn 😂
Unintentional, I was trying to be a bit creative with my photography 😳

Dolly Porn

Good Dolly Miss Molly

Good Dolly Miss Molly

Good Dolly Miss Molly is feeling generous and we have decided to offer free shipping on everything! If you live locally enough we can even deliver your order and pop in for a cup of tea and a biccie, now there’s an offer you cant refuse.

We have lots of fabulous plans for Good Dolly Miss Molly but find we spend far too much time getting all excited about our ideas and not enough time actually bringing them to life so we have given ourselves a stern talking to, spent some time on the naughty step and seen the error of our ways.

So …… we are proud to announce the launch of our brand new TAGGLES, these gorgeously tactile fiddle blankets are available now for only £10.00 each, did we mention the FREE SHIPPING?

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Oh and don’t forget to check out our bright shiny new TAGGLES page.

Lots of Love

Ali & Miss Molly



Well we have had a very busy year at Good Dolly Miss Molly HQ, another TWO gorgeous babies were welcomed into our family. Miss Molly turned 11 in November (I remained 21) and Good Dolly Miss Molly turned 3.

We have lots of new and exciting plans for 2018 and we wish you all a very Happy New Year.

Lots of love

Ali & Miss Molly ♥️

Good Dolly Miss Molly is VEGAN. All our Waldorf inspired dolls are made using super soft toy filling and we never use leather, silk or fur.


Bang well Putt circa 1770

Bangwell Putt circa 1770

Meet Bangwell Putt, a doll that was made by a relative for a Miss Clarissa Field of Massachusetts in around 1770.

This is the oldest known doll in USA.

She is in remarkable condition for her age, many dolls don’t survive because the natural fibres disintegrate over time.

We hope that stored in the right conditions she will last for a long long time.

Just imagine that someone lovingly hand made her and Clarissa played with her, possibly handing her down to her children and grandchildren and now more than 200 years later Bangwell Putt is still around, and in such great shape!


Please ignore me, I am posting this from my phone! My New Years Resolution is going well (thank you Martyn 😀). Now to work out how to get photos the right way up!

The (sideways) pic is a finished Bucilla kit which was a birthday present. I loved doing this and it will stay (the right way up) all year round.





Well we didn’t get a white Christmas, but we did have a lovely peaceful Christmas here at Good Dolly Miss Molly HQ. my youngest son bought all the Christmas food, cooked Christmas dinner and did the Christmas washing up (I know I didn’t need to use “Christmas” before washing up but it sounded good in my head). I’m not sure what happened to him but I shall be checking for a belly button as I fear he may have been “Stepforded”.

Our hearts went out to everyone affected by the floods, it must have been absolutely devastating.

At Dolly HQ, we hope you all have a very Happy New Year.

We will be busy in 2016, we have some fab new ideas and our new years resolution is to spend more time getting to grips with this lovely website that we have been neglecting due to us woefully lacking techy skills (and sewing is our favourite anyway).






header Tablet

Well I am so excited, after months of faffing about I eventually took the plunge to have a website built for me, and here it is (almost), I have had to put down my needles, step out of my comfort zone and learn how to use it.

I am ok using computer programs that someone else has set up and I am shown how to do it but the responsibility for my own website was pretty daunting. Luckily I have had a lot of help and I am learning new skills.

So please bear (see what I did there?) with me while I get the hang of this, soon we will be up and running.






Blog Posts Will Appear Here, Soon