Cute, colourful snuggly "Baby Bunting" dolls. The rhyme goes "Cry Baby Bunting, Daddy's gone a hunting ..." but we don't want our babies to cry. now do we? Actually we don't really want him to go hunting either!

These gorgeously soft, warm and snuggly dollies are made with fleece in a variety of colours. Pictured are pink & white stripe, blue & white stripe and red & white stripe but we also have blue wild animals, pink wild animals and multi-coloured harlequin designs too.

They have hand dyed skin tone fabric, their faces are embroidered on and the hats are securely stitched on, with no hair so safe for very little ones.

Don't cry

£15.00 Just perfect for little hands

Sleepy Baby
Baby Bunting
Cute Baby Bunting
Baby Bunting


These little chaps are ideal for newborns, if you cuddle them they will pick up your scent and be additional comfort for your baby.

If you have a premature / poorly baby in special care, you could buy two. One for your baby and one for you, cuddle yours then swap them, your scent will comfort your baby while you are separated and the one with the baby's scent may be beneficial for you to hold while you are expressing your breastmilk.

Your baby's initials can be hand embroidered onto the doll.