Rag Dolls

Good Dolly Miss Molly rag dolls are very traditional.

They are all handmade with hand dyed calico fabric. I prefer to dye the fabric myself so that I can change the skin tone. They have bead eyes, cute noses, embroidered mouths and a little blush on their cheeks. Their hair is stitched on strand by strand.​

​All dolls come with a full outfit, bloomers, petticoat, dress, pinafore, hat and shoes. All clothing can be removed.

​Want to know a secret? All Good Dolly Miss Molly dolls have belly buttons, shhhh.

Rebecca £75.00


​All rag dolls can be personalised, you can choose the skin tone, the hair colour, length and style.

​You can choose the general colour scheme of the clothing.

​If you prefer you can send me the fabrics that you would like used for the clothing, you can reuse treasured clothing / fabrics (please see Memories & Gifts" page for further details)

​These dolls make ideal gifts for a special occasion, a Christening, first Holy Communion or as a gift for a bridesmaid, if you send some of the dress fabric to me, I will make the dolls dress with it. A wonderful reminder of a wonderful day.

​I can hand embroidered the initials of your child onto the pinafore to make the gift extra special.