LET'S MAKE THE WORLD A DOLLIER PLACE - Good Dolly Miss Molly motto.

  • A doll can be your first best friend, your confidante, your baby. Throughout history children have loved their dolls so what better gift than a handmade, one of a kind, personalised doll, whatever your age?

Traditionally rag dolls were handmade and stuffed with scraps of fabric - Good Dolly Miss Molly dolls are still handmade but are filled with quality synthetic safety toy stuffing instead of scraps.

Most early dolls do not survive as their fabric disintegrates over time but the earliest surviving doll is in the British Museum, it is a Roman doll and was found in a child's grave from 15th Century AD.

The earliest surviving doll from USA is called "Bangwell Putt" and was made for Clarissa Field of Massachusetts in around 1770 by a relative.

We would love to see photos and hear stories about your dolls whether they are handmade, brand new or positively ancient, send them to admin@gooddollymissmolly.com

Everyone who buys a Good Dolly Miss Molly doll, bear or cuddly critter can join our Good Dolly Miss Molly club. As a club member you will be able to take part in competitions and will have access to exclusive offers.

FUN FACT - DID YOU KNOW? Pediophobia is the fear of dolls, imagine being afraid of dolls? Although I have to admit I was pretty spooked by this doll I spotted at a local market. I think it was the fact that her eyes were missing that made her scary, she has a pretty little face and cute teeth. I feel a bit sorry for her now. I hope someone bought and repaired her, oh and did something with her hair and gave her a nicer dress. Pediophobia should never be confused with Pedophobia or Paedophobia as we spell it here in the UK), which is the fear of children. That must be terrifying, you can avoid dolls but children are everywhere!!